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Medical urgency

In case of emergency / medical urgency, call 118, the single national number, which can be used on any public or private or mobile phone, without area code. The call is free, no tokens or phone cards are needed, it also works with empty prepaid cards. The service operates 24 hours a day.

When to call 118:

  • For serious illnesses
  • For road, domestic, sports or workplace accidents
  • For situations, even suspicious ones, that endanger life
  • To call the Continuity Care (Emergency Medical Service)
  • For veterinary emergencies
  • For mountain or speleological rescue
  • For emergency hospitalization

Emergency room: It is the service dedicated EXCLUSIVELY TO EMERGENCIES - HEALTHCARE URGENCIES. First aid interventions refer to acute events or traumas that have occurred in the last 24-48 hours and that cannot be resolved by the General Practitioner (Family Doctor), by the Free Choice Pediatrician, by the Continuity of Care (Guardia Medical).

The emergency room can be accessed directly, via 118 (ambulance) or sent by the doctor. Access does not take place by order of arrival, but on the basis of priority codes (triage procedure) assigned by a nurse at the time of acceptance

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